B2B Card Payment Solution

Many people would think that all business to business transactions should go smoothly. However, unfortunately, this is not always the case. One of the greatest problems that arises when it comes to B2B payments is that just one delayed or missed payment can have a domino effect on the rest of the supply chain. If one company fails to pay its supplier, the supplier may then, in turn, find itself unable to pay its own, and this can lead to financial issues across the board. The good news, however, is that a B2B card payment solution could prove to be the answer to the problem.

Failed B2B Payments – An Ongoing Problem

Not only do failed B2B payments cause revenue and cash flow difficulties for businesses, they can also cause irreparable damage to the reputation of the company within its industry. And, when a business suffers from repeated missed or late payments, it can spell financial disaster for the company, which could eventually go under because of a lack of cash flow.

Luckily, there is a way to resolve the difficulties of receiving payments in a timely manner. BillingTree offers a best of breed payment solution for businesses that facilitates convenient payments and helps to make sure that revenue keeps flowing in. By offering a B2B card payment solution, it becomes simpler for businesses to meet their payment obligations, and, therefore, business relationships between companies, customers, and suppliers become smoother and more positive, for the overall benefit of all the parties involved.

Accepting B2B Card Payments

At one time, all business to business transactions were carried out via paper checks and manual invoicing procedures. However, this is an outdated and cumbersome option that is no longer fit for purpose. Today, adopting a more convenient online system is the key to making sure speedy payments with immediate authorization and faster access to revenue.

BillingTree offers the functionality for companies to accept card payments via an online payment portal or IVR system, which makes it much more convenient to make payment at a time and via a method that best suits the payer.

These days, card transactions are the go-to method for consumers of all kinds, and companies that are unable to offer the facility for payment in this way are putting themselves at a distinct disadvantage in the marketplace. Forward-thinking companies are now offering B2B card payments as the standard. Businesses that want to be competitive in the modern era are recognizing the benefits of adopting the services of a payment processing company, such as BillingTree, which offers the facility to accept credit and debit card payments in a card not present environment.

A virtual terminal for online credit card processing is a flexible merchant solution that allows electronic transactions to be rapidly processed with real-time authorization and automation of payment collections for a more convenient option.

Usability and Performance

Any B2B payment solution must be functional and user-friendly while also offering a high level of performance. BillingTree’s services are cutting edge and have been implemented successfully thousands of times for the user’s peace of mind.

Fully tested for QA and functionality, all of BillingTree’s payment processing services are flexible, versatile, and, above all, secure, making them a perfect choice for all kinds of companies, whether they are small operators or large-scale firms.

Offering functionality for recurring billing with no additional software required, BillingTree even allows for easy reporting, allowing for simple data analysis, including downloadable versions and visual graphs.

A Compliant Solution

One further consideration that needs to be borne in mind when choosing a B2B payment solution is the issue of compliance. The law in this respect must be adhered to by any company, and, therefore, guaranteeing that obligations in this field are met is vital for any business. When choosing BillingTree’s payment services, business owners can be confident that they are selecting a solution that is fully PCI-, SSAE-16-, and HIPAA-certified and compliant.

The Cost-Effective Option

One further advantage of opting for BillingTree’s B2B card payment solution is the reduced cost of processing payments. When companies have to manually process paper checks, for example, the fees can mount up. This leads to a poor value for money over time. However, thanks to the established network of financial institutions with which BillingTree has an ongoing relationship, it is possible to keep processing costs low when large transaction volumes are being processed.

With integrated processing that allows for ACH payments, corrections and returns through a single convenient portal, BillingTree’s payment systems allow companies to improve their revenue management exponentially. And, by enabling businesses to adopt an efficient B2B card payment solution, it becomes easier to receive payments in a timely and effective manner and to keep cash flow buoyant and regular as well.

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