Finding Reliable B2B Payments Companies – A Comprehensive Guide

The B2B sector is increasing every year, and the majority of financial transactions made in this country are B2B payments. Yet, despite the prevalence of this type of payment, there has been a distinct lack of technological advancement in this area of finance. Although there are now more B2B payments companies in the marketplace that can facilitate convenient and speedy transactions between businesses, many firms are still relying on manual processes and paper checks to pay suppliers and manufacturers.

Speeding up the revenue cycle and improving cash flow could not be more important for businesses, especially smaller ones. Therefore, adopting a payment processing system that allows for automation of the key processes rather than having to handle them manually is the best way to maximize productivity and make sure that the highest number of payments are received at the right time.

Not All B2B Payment Processing Companies Are Equal

Although there are several payment processing companies that facilitate B2B transactions, they are not all created equal. You need to be certain that you are choosing a company with many years of experience and expertise in the industry, and one that has solutions that have been proven to be implemented successfully thousands of times.

Compliance is another issue that must be considered when choosing between different B2B payment companies. Ensuring compliance with PCI, HIPAA, and SSAE-16 certification is paramount. Not every company can offer this guarantee to its users.

Range of Payment Options

When making the choice to use a B2B payment company rather than handling all aspects of the payment process manually, it is important to look at the range of payment methods that can be offered. Flexibility is the key, and offering a comprehensive suite of payment options with multiple payment capture methods, as well as the ability to accept payment through credit card, debit card, and ACH payments, is essential.

When companies can offer a 24/7 online payment portal or telephone IVR system that allows customers to regulate and take responsibility for their own payments without having to rely on staff, the revenue cycle can be speeded up and cash flow will exponentially improve thanks to real-time payment authorizations that allow companies to access their cleared funds more rapidly.

Brand Identity

For many companies, promoting and reinforcing brand identity is vital. Therefore, choosing a payment company that can facilitate this by seamlessly integrating with existing systems and by allowing businesses the ability to integrate their own logo and marketing materials within their payment portal is important.

Usability and Function

No payment system can prove useful unless it is simple enough for every member of the staff to understand and use. And, it must be highly functional, enabling companies to achieve everything that they need to from the interface. No matter how innovative a solution may be, if it is too complex to be understood, or too difficult to use without extensive training or support, it is the wrong choice for any company. Payment solutions must have the optimal balance of usability and functionality and must have been rigorously tested for QA and functionality in order to guarantee the best possible user experience.

Any payment solution must also be suitable for long-term use and must be capable of adapting to any future enhancements. If there is no dynamic codebase, the solution will not represent good value for the money.

Competitive Prices

One of the greatest benefits of choosing the right payment company for B2B transaction processing is that it can greatly reduce the amount of time spent on payment processing. Manual processing of paper checks can prove to be very costly in the long run, especially when there are large volumes of transactions. The best payment solution providers have established relationships with reliable banks, so processing costs can be reduced depending on the volume of transactions.

The BillingTree Solution

BillingTree is an outstanding option when it comes to choosing the right company to offer B2B transaction processing services. Thanks to its many years in the industry, it has all the essential expertise and great customer service to ensure a high-quality user experience. And, its innovative software has been future-proofed to adapt to changes in the coding base, so it represents good long-term value.

BillingTree’s payment solutions include online portals and IVR systems, which accept a broad spectrum of preferred payment options, and because its software is also fully compliant, this is another headache that businesses no longer need to face.

When companies choose BillingTree from the selection of B2B payment companies in the marketplace today, they can be confident that they are choosing a provider that can help them to improve their revenue cycle, streamline their systems, and keep their cash flow moving in the most effective and efficient way.

A variety of B2B electronic payment methods have become available, so which is the best payment option for your business?


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Superior Service,
Competitive Pricing

BillingTree offers a suite of services and payment solutions that help you collect electronic payments through credit, debit, checks and ACH processing. Our services ensure safe, secure, competitively priced payment acceptance supported by in-house, top-tier customer service.

  • PCI-DSS, SSAE-16, HIPAA compliant
  • Integrated with the top software solutions
  • Live, US-based customer support including fraud prevention and transaction monitoring
  • Charge-back reduction
  • Competitive pricing delivered by a comprehensive banking network
The website made us quickly realize that people would rather settle outstanding balances online than over the phone”
– Director of Collections
The BillingTree solution has enabled the adoption center to place more animals in homes this year, as people find the process so much easier than it was previously.
– Julie Scherer, Accountant