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Medical Payment Processing with BillingTree

BillingTree offers healthcare payment processing solutions on a single, integrated platform. Our platform connects payers, providers, and patients to deliver a seamless platform. Our payment management software was designed by healthcare payment experts, giving you all the necessary compliance many of our competitors lack. With BillingTree by your side, you can rest easy.

We’ve improved the patient payment experience by developing convenient, HIPAA-compliant solutions for collecting onsite and post-care payments when, where, and how the patient prefers to pay. Increase patient satisfaction and loyalty with payment options that fit the unique needs of both your practice and your patient’s busy lives.

We offer everything from easy-to-activate patient payment plans that follow your business rules, to a virtual cash register. Our medical and healthcare payment processing solutions allow your practice to increase onsite and post-care patient payments. This all-in-one platform puts patient payment security at the forefront of our technology as well, so you can rest easy. However, everything really comes together when you combine this powerful technology with our 24/7 support team. All your billing information is available to the entire staff, giving you complete control.

How to Choose the Right Healthcare Payment Processing Company

It seems like there are more options in the marketplace with each passing year. But, you still need a way to manage your healthcare payment processing. Let’s start by considering the needs of your patients. Besides the excellent medical care that you provide, you need a system that is fast, efficient, and user-friendly. At the same time, you need to ensure that sensitive data is secure and well-maintained.

Unlike many payment processing companies that focus on retail, there’s a lot more at stake in healthcare due to the sensitive nature of your patient’s medical and financial information. Here are a few things you should consider when you’re deciding which medical payment processing company to work with.


New problems arise every day in healthcare, shouldn’t your payment processing tools do the same? You need software that allows you to integrate in a variety of ways to give your patients the power to pay anytime, anywhere, with any device.

You need payment options for:

Credit, Debit/Debit Only, ACH, Online, Phone, Text, Point of Purchase (In Your Office)

When your patients can pay using their preferred methods, you open a whole new world of convenience. You want to keep them satisfied and open your business up to more long-term relationships. Think about it. Would you rather settle a bill with a single text or wait a month for your bill to come in the mail? Obviously, both you and the patient want a fast and effective way to pay and get paid.  

Security and Compliance

You also want a medical payment processing system that offers both transparency and quality service. Having security tools that keep your patient information safe is critical. Most small medical businesses can’t afford a lawsuit for breach of information.

Selecting a provider that follows industry trends and standards is a great way to ensure your business is 100% compliant. BillingTree is proud to keep up with the latest HIPAA compliance, ensuring the highest quality of service we can provide to our partners in healthcare.

We are committed to delivering software that keeps up with the times, giving you assurance that your patients’ personal and financial data is well protected.

Opportunities for Growth

Bottom line, you need a way to process payments as quickly as possible. The adage, “time is money” still holds true. By dealing with less paperwork and patient issues, you have more time to focus on your business.

Your competitors are making the patient experience faster and easier, and so should you! By having more advanced payment methods, you provide fast turnaround times in the billing process, giving your patients peace of mind.

At the same time, you’re reducing manual processes by setting up automatic and recurring payments. This frees you from the burden of managing these accounts yourself. All these mechanisms provide you with limitless ways to reduce spend and boost revenue.


Healthcare is a stressful field. You’re responsible for the wellbeing of another living person. Why add to that stress if you don’t need to? Medical payment processing helps you manage the daily tasks associated with running your business, putting the focus back on patient health. If your processing system is outdated, you’re putting your patients’ data at risk. The nature of healthcare links two sensitive pieces of information, medical and financial. You need a system that can safely process transactions and store that data securely. 

You also need the flexibility to adapt to modern healthcare payment problems. For example, many patients can’t afford to pay their bills all at once. Having a medical payment processing portal to set up, manage, and maintain patient payments, takes extra work off your plate and gives your patients the freedom to pay how and when they want. Additionally, lags between rending a service and getting paid for said service is a burden on any business, especially in the small healthcare industry. If you don’t make online payments an option, it hinders a critical aspect of your business, getting paid!

All the features that we offer, including, enabling online or mobile payment methods ensures your business has everything it needs to make the patient experience seamless. Regardless of the channel, BillingTree has the tools you need to have flawless payment system for both you, your staff, and your patients.