B2B Property Management Payment Solutions

Property management is never simple, with so much to do and to deal with on a daily basis. However, one of the key elements in any property manager’s remit is dealing with tenant payments. Although this should be a straightforward process, involving the collection of rent on a monthly basis, all too often, it involves a lot of chasing after nonpaying residents for money that remains outstanding and handling the complexities of payment processing, which can be a time-consuming and tedious manual task. Luckily, BillingTree’s B2B property management payment solutions can help to streamline the process, speeding up cash flow and releasing property managers to focus on other more relevant tasks.

A Convenient Streamlined Process

Landlords and property managers are finding it harder than ever to get timely payments from their tenants in today’s tough financial climate. However, the key is to move with the times and to harness a quality payment processing solution that offers innovative and advanced ways of receiving rental payments through a variety of convenient methods.

BillingTree’s online payment portal ensures that property managers are able to receive payments at any time of the day or night thanks to the 24/7 nature of the portal. With an integrated IVR system, it is also possible to have an agent-free telephone system that allows for convenient payments without having to handle transactions manually.

Both online and IVR payment systems allow tenants to make payments via a number of popular methods, including ACH and credit cards, and this improves the rate of received payments since tenants are able to use their preferred options.

Accepting only paper checks or cash payments is a recipe for disaster, and modern property managers who adhere to these traditional options find that they suffer from reduced cash flow and difficulties in eliciting payments. Rather than wasting time on chasing after debtors, property managers can focus more on the elements of their business that are more important. The complexities of handling payments are left in the hands of an automated processing system.

Instant Authorization for Faster Cash Flow

Maintaining adequate cash flow is essential for any B2B property management company. And, because BillingTree’s payment system guarantees immediate authorization, property managers can be confident that they have quick access to essential funds. Thanks to the convenience of this system, tenant/landlord relationships can be smoothed and improved for a more positive experience all around.

BillingTree’s Centralized Reporting

BillingTree’s comprehensive payment services suite offers centralized reporting, making it easier than ever to compile data, to analyze trends and to compose accounting reports. With its dynamic codebase, BillingTree’s systems are also able to be future-proofed since they can adapt to future enhancements. This ensures that they will remain highly functional and effective for many years to come.

A Secure and Compliant Option

Compliance can be an issue for property managers. However, this problem can be resolved by opting for BillingTree’s property management payment services suite. Because all of this provider’s solutions have been fully certified by PCI, SSAE-16, and HIPAA, both landlords and tenants can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that payments are secure and safe, and property managers can easily and effortlessly meet their obligations with regard to compliance.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

BillingTree’s B2B property management payment solutions all benefit from an in-house team that can implement a complete suite of APIs that will integrate with existing property management software systems. Therefore, it couldn’t be easier to create a flawless and seamless system that gives property managers better control over their functions.

Competitive Pricing

Keeping the price of payment processing low is paramount for today’s property managers who have to limit costs in their enterprise as much as possible. The good news is that BillingTree’s solutions are all extremely competitively priced thanks to the company’s ongoing partnership with well-established banks and financial institutions. This allows for good value cost-effective rates to be applied to payment processing depending on the volume of transactions carried out by the property management company.

Effective Across the Entire Payment Cycle

BillingTree’s solutions are designed to comprehensively meet the needs of property managers. Whether the whole resident payment cycle needs an overhaul or whether only a single area of the receivables process needs attention, BillingTree is able to resolve any issues that landlords are experiencing with their revenue flow by driving up timely payments and bringing in more revenue overall.

B2B property management companies that opt to use BillingTree’s rental payment processing systems can reap the benefits of an innovative and advanced way of accepting payments and handling revenue. By increasing the number of payments received on time and in full, BillingTree offers a fully compliant, convenient, and competitive solution for landlords with a variety of needs across their entire tenant payment cycle.

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