Integrating Payment Technology in Any Industry

In what has now become a seriously competitive, digital landscape, every major industry requires simple-to-use, automated solutions in order to meet growing consumer demand especially offering diverse payment options. Many enterprises from healthcare to auto financing and beyond are often unaware of the latest options for integrating payment technology that enables the real-time acceptance and processing of payments directly through the typical user interface. As a result, manual data entry and payment reconciliation are necessary, placing an enormous time and productivity burden on the end user.

By integrating the latest on-demand payment technology from BillingTree’s Payrazr Platform with their existing software, every industry can more effectively fulfill customer needs for efficient payment acceptance. For mid to large enterprises, this provides simplicity, value and functionality through a seamless interface to backend software and internal telephony solutions.

High costs and heavy IT requirements for building custom solutions have previously made integrated payment systems an option for only larger businesses. Now, payment solutions and services technology experts like Payrazr have developed unique integrated approaches (suites of APIs) to payment processing that enable businesses to stay in their native business applications. Consequently, businesses in every industry have more choices for streamlining collection and payment processes while increasing collection fulfillment in a competitive and highly regulated business environment.

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