InterProse Corporation Integrates BillingTree’s payment processing into their ARM Accounts Receivable Management Software

InterProse Corporation, a specialist in the ARM Accounts Receivable Management industry, has revealed that it has integrated BillingTree’s cutting-edge technology into its own payment software solutions. This has enabled the company to gain access to the wider range of payment options that customers are demanding while making sure there is uninterrupted processing, as well as rigorous compliance with the required standards.

The InterProse Solution

InterProse has been leading the way in the Accounts Receivable Management industry for the past two decades, offering consulting services and software for electronic payment applications for organizations both large and small. The integration with BillingTree’s platform has enabled InterProse’s customers to gain access to the Merchant Services offered by BillingTree, which include credit and debit card processing and the processing of ACH payments.

An Innovative Option

The director of Sales and Marketing for InterProse has been keen to point out that innovation in technology has always been an important element of the market strategy of his company. Therefore, this new integration with BillingTree’s advanced payment solutions is the natural next step in allowing its customers to take advantage of some of the most flexible and cutting-edge payment technology solutions that are available today. As an added benefit, because BillingTree’s ARM solutions are designed to be fully compliant with all the current regulations, both InterProse and its customers can have complete confidence in its use.

An Insight into InterProse

InterProse is a company that focuses on software for the debt-recovery industry. Its open-platform, web-based software solution is designed to facilitate efforts to recover outstanding debts. It specializes in making the entire collection process more efficient by automating processes and integrating third-party technology to stay in line with the latest advances in technology. The InterProse platform is continually upgraded with no extra customer fees so it can offer the most modern and flexible solution for its target market.

Why BillingTree?

BillingTree is proud to be leading the way in the provision of integrated payment solutions to several industries, including the ARM accounts receivable management industry. By offering a site of technology-enabled services and products, BillingTree allows organizations to improve their efficiency while decreasing the cost associated with payment processing. Of course, it also guarantees that its solutions follow all the latest compliance regulations for the convenience and peace of mind of all the parties involved. With more than a decade of experience in its chosen market, BillingTree is committed to enabling more convenient receipt of payments across a number of industries thanks to technology that allows omnichannel-integrated offerings, proprietary product suites, and other value-added services, and its outstanding customer service is second to none.

Settling outstanding balances within the accounts receivable management industry is primarily about offering debtors a more convenient and simple way through which payments can be made. BillingTree has developed user-friendly solutions that have been created thanks to an in-depth knowledge, extensive experience in the industry, and comprehensive research into customer issues and consumer trends in an ARM environment.

BillingTree, therefore, gives debtors access to a greater choice of options when it comes to making outstanding payments. And, whether customers choose to pay via the online portal or through an IVR system, they can opt for their preferred method and a time that is most convenient to them, whether it is during the working day or after hours.

It is, therefore, easy to see why two of the leading companies within their individual industries have paired up in this innovative venture to offer customers access to an ARM Accounts Receivable Management system that is beyond compare.