Job Sharing And Delegation – A Vital Element In Small Practices

One of the problems faced by small healthcare practices is that there is always too much to do and not enough people to do it. With limited staff on board, it is all too easy for one person to end up trying to do everything himself or herself, and this results in mistakes, errors, and a catalog of problems in the long run. Yet, there are many ways to prevent this from happening. By outsourcing, delegating, job sharing, and putting into place convenient automated solutions, such as healthcare payment processing products that reduce the burden on staff, it is possible for even the smallest practice to run more smoothly.

Job Sharing – Why It Works

One of the issues that presents itself in small practices is finding someone to fill in at reception if the current post holder is on vacation or absent because of illness. Either another staff member has to be taken away from his or her essential tasks to do the job or an agency substitute needs to be brought in. Both scenarios are less than ideal and can result in a lot of confusion and potential errors that can have a lasting impact on the well-being of the practice. Job sharing is the ideal solution. By employing two part-time staff members instead of a single full-time worker, there is an emergency cover option. The other person already knows the ropes and will make sure everything runs smoothly in his or her colleague’s absence. Even better, it prevents employee burnout and decreases staff turnover for a happier and more productive practice, which is good news for staff and patients alike.

Delegating Tasks – A Scary Concept

Running any organization is a challenge but running a small healthcare practice can be especially difficult. There are a lot of issues to be dealt with, many of which have serious legal consequences if the practice gets them wrong. It isn’t surprising, then, that those who are responsible for running those organizations find it difficult to delegate tasks to other staff members for fear of errors being made. However, it is impossible for any one person to take on every task in the organization. Finding the courage to share essential jobs among employees is vital to the health of the practice and the employees themselves. By ensuring adequate ongoing training and performance management, and by employing only the most qualified and reliable staff, it is perfectly possible to delegate many of the responsibilities to other people without having to worry about mistakes and/or problems.

The Power Of Automated Solutions

One further way to free up staff time and to make the practice run more smoothly is to put in place automated healthcare payment processing products that will reduce the burden of manual processing that falls on staff. Dealing with paper invoicing and manual payment systems is time-consuming and takes staff away from the essential day-to-day running of the practice. An automated healthcare payment solution is the answer. Allowing patients to make payments through an IVR telephone system or via an online portal not only frees up staff but it also improves cash flow by making it much simpler and more convenient for patients to make payments at a time and via a method that best suits their needs.

BillingTree’s healthcare payment processing products are leading the way in the industry by offering patients greater choice over the way they pay their bills while giving practices a more convenient way of streamlining and simplifying the invoicing process. By eliminating the requirement for staff to manually process payments, even small practices can run more smoothly.