Big Data Healthcare (BDHC) Partners with BillingTree

Phoenix, Ariz. – Jan 01, 2021, For years, Big Data Healthcare (BDHC) has been servicing the government and commercial side of healthcare payments and remittance, but has found the patient side of payment processing lacking.

As a 2020 initiative, the team at Big Data Healthcare began researching additional software options to provide a solution that would complement their current offering and provide an optimal experience for patients and seamless integration into their existing platform.  The answer was to partner with BillingTree and utilize their CareView product to bring that same world-class service to the individual patient. This synergy between the two companies helps fill the gaps and gives customers an all-encompassing solution to healthcare payment processing.

“We found that this was such a perfect partnership because we’ve never offered patient payments before,” said Dean Puzon, President and Managing Partner of Big Data Healthcare. “We finally closed the loop – we are now able to improve and automate the reconciliation of insurance payments, and patient payments for provider business offices, but also improve the patient experience, making it easier for patients to make payments.”

BDHC’s mission is to support healthcare providers in meeting their business goals to achieve long-term financial sustainability by providing exceptional service and solutions. Through technology, complemented by subject matter excellence, they strive to provide the healthcare community with system continuity through best practices and affordability. Keeping in line with that mission, their core solution, FUSE, hosts the ancillary services, which provide visibility to all matched, unmatched, and split payments and remittances. FUSE reduces or eliminates the manual reconciliation of remittances back to deposits, provides visibility to all paper converted items (EOBs and PDFs), improves data and file management, and works in tandem with the investment of existing technologies such as EMR / EHR(s), Clearinghouse(s), accounting systems, and financial institutions.

As many in the industry know, Big Data Healthcare has been the leading provider of ERA to EFT reconciliation automation solutions, enabling their customers to leverage their years of RCM and automation expertise to scale their business, reduce administrative overhead, improve AR Days, and significantly increase their access to working capital.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be partnering with Big Data Healthcare,” said Michelle Walls, Director of Business Development for Healthcare with BillingTree, “This is such a complementary partnership in so many ways and we look forward to helping countless healthcare providers both accept and make payments more efficiently.”

The two companies hope to bridge the gap between both commercial and patient healthcare solutions to offer one comprehensive technology that the industry desperately needs to see in 2021 and beyond. Both BillingTree and Big Data Healthcare look forward to working with more healthcare businesses in 2021, knowing that this industry is going to need every advantage to overcome the hurdles they faced in 2020.

About Big Data Healthcare

Big Data Healthcare is focused on automated efficiency in healthcare. FUSE, their core healthcare product, reduces or eliminates the manual reconciliation of remittances to deposits and reduces or eliminates manual posting of payments into the existing EMR / Billing System.  Visit or call 877.698.0777.

About BillingTree

Whether you’re looking to setup recurring payments on a collection plan, accept multiple payment options for a healthcare practice or want to keep more of your accounts receivable, BillingTree can help you grow. With the most robust payment technologies in the industry and fanatical customer support, we can make it easier for your customers to pay you, and in turn, help you boost the overall customer experience. Visit or call 877.4.BILLTREE.

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