BillingTree Introduces New Version of CareView Healthcare Payment Processing Software

BillingTree, a payment processing company, launched a new version of their CareView bill presentment and payment software for healthcare. Aimed at helping the healthcare industry manage the payment experience, the latest launch will see optimized patient management and payment workflows, as well as major improvements to more than 50 statement management and payment features. Some of these main features include:

  • Powerful APIs that allow CareView to integrate with other practice management systems and third-party software solutions
  • Leverages BillingTree’s Payrazr platform for secure, compliant transactions, including tokenization of card data, a comprehensive fraud controls suite, and in-depth protection of all sensitive patient information
  • Scalable to grow for each client as their business grows
  • Responsive and user-friendly interface for mobile devices
  • Option for current clients to stay on their existing versions

In addition to these feature improvements, CareView now includes a new web address,, allowing healthcare professionals simplified access to the updated, user-friendly billing and payment management software.

Since acquiring the CareView brand, BillingTree has continued to invest heavily in improving provider and patient solutions, offering more features to clients by building on their own proven Payrazr platform, which successfully processed more than $4B in payments in 2019.

CareView is now utilized as the payment platform for national healthcare networks, pharmacies, physician groups, dental networks, and long-term care facilities nationwide.

BillingTree states that clients in the healthcare industry can look forward to a wide range of payment channels, including an agent-facing terminal, mobile-friendly patient portals, the ability to pay via automated phone prompts (IVR), and two-way text messages.

“Handling patient payments has become the number one challenge facing businesses in the healthcare industry,” said Rob Borucki, Vice President of Product for BillingTree. “The time between treatment and payment is far too extended for providers and patients to deal with anymore. On average, healthcare offices are expected to collect between 50-70% of a patient’s total balance. Because of the slow, outdated process still in place, providers struggle to keep track of everything and end up losing or significantly delaying their ability to collect on their Account Receivables. Our CareView solution aims to help the healthcare industry bridge the gap between faster payments and a convenient payment experience for patients.”

In addition to accepting multiple payment methods, CareView offers full support for statement presentment, payment plans, negotiated installments, automatic payments, storing of patient credentials, offering discounts, and one-time payments. These are just a few of the ways BillingTree is striving to help overcome these obstacles.

“The issue isn’t just a lack of convenient payment options, either. It’s also the capability for extensive reporting for healthcare providers. You can offer patients more convenient ways to pay. Still, it doesn’t mean anything if you, as a business owner, can’t easily track and reconcile those payments. That’s why we’re offering more than two dozen standard reports and the ability to create custom reporting that works for our client’s specific needs, all of which can be scheduled for delivery automatically. We want to change the game and make the healthcare payment experience simpler for both companies and patients alike.”

BillingTree is confident that its newest CareView version will entice healthcare businesses to make the switch from their current payment processor. By leveraging the software that’s made BillingTree a leader in the payment processing industry, they seek to help solve the various problems plaguing the healthcare industry for decades.

If you’re interested in BillingTree’s newest CareView solution, click here.