BillingTree Sharpens B2B Payments with Payrazr

By PYMNTS @pymnts
What’s Next In Payments®
8:14 AM EDT July 16th, 2015

Earlier this year, PYMNTS spoke with payment processing service provider BillingTree to discuss the challenge of convincing B2B businesses that payments technology is key to successful money management.

“The B2B space has continued to rely heavily on the paper invoice and a net 30-day payment term, which allows for larger balances to float for 30 days or greater,” the company’s new CEO Edz Sturans said. “This has been a key reason for the slow adoption of electronic payments in the B2B arena.”

But BillingTree appears up to the challenge of providing more sophisticated payments services to the B2B world. On Wednesday (July 15) the company announced a new solution as part of the firm’s image revamping.

BillingTree revealed Payrazr, a new suite of in-house payment services for B2B and B2C firms, along with a new company logo. The new Payrazr platform offers a slew of tools including mobile and online payments and billing as well as payment portals and gateways. Overall, the new service lets businesses offer their customers and business clients more payment options while assuring compliance, the company said.

“The solutions within Payrazr enable customers to maximize revenue growth with technology while keeping them compliant and their data secure,” Sturans said in a statement, adding that this won’t be the only new product offered by the company. “New innovation and services will be continually added to the Payrazr suite over the coming months and years,” he said.

The new payment services followed a brand revamping, which included a logo redesign and a website makeover, as well as a new slogan: “Growing Payments With Technology.”

BillingTree said that Payrazr will debut later this week at the ACA International Annual Convention & Expo to be held in Boston.