Fusion CRS Partners with BillingTree to Offer Their Clients More!

PHOENIX, AZ (4-15-2021) — Over the years, BillingTree has grown tremendously. By partnering with other FinTech companies, BillingTree offers better and more robust solutions to their clients—while integrating with dozens of service providers to give credit unions and banks all the tools they need to give their consumers the best experience possible. That’s why Fusion CRS has recently decided to take advantage of BillingTree’s suite of payment software to meet the growing demand for contactless solutions.

Fusion CRS has a reputation for helping credit unions and banks increase revenue and reduce costs through highly advanced, next-generation collection and recovery software together with professional support services. Through their software solution and services, their customers streamline and consolidate collection and recovery operations, increase resource productivity, and produce far superior reporting.

BillingTree has relationships with over 135 Credit Union and Bank partnerships who recommend them as their preferred payments provider. In addition, they have been anticipating market needs and developing payment products and features to help credit unions and banks succeed. While it has been almost impossible to predict the disruption COVID-19 caused—particularly in the financial services sector, and beyond—BillingTree has been diligently working on alternative contactless payment channels.

Aaron Dils, Director of Financial Services at BillingTree, went on to say “It’s inspiring to see a recovery software company with such a powerful suite of tools take the next step in creating a seamless experience for their customers. BillingTree can help provide companies with a superior payment experience, improving the collection capabilities as well as process improvements with employee efficiencies. We are excited to see where this partnership goes in the future.”

BillingTree hopes to work with even more credit unions and banks that are making the transition toward payment portals and other means of contactless transactions. Dils and his team strongly encourage other credit unions to reach out if they are interested in a contactless solution for any delivery channel.

About Fusion CRS

Fusion CRS brings decades of proven success and experience in the development and support of collections and recovery software solutions for the financial services industry. Today, dozens of community banks and credit unions nationwide currently utilize software systems they previously built and supported, and now their latest success story, Fusion CRS.

It is Fusion CRS’s mission to become the premier provider of collections and recovery software solutions to the community bank and credit union industry by delivering innovative and cost-effective software solutions and outstanding customer support. With its long history of proven success, Fusion CRS is uniquely qualified to meet today’s challenging needs of the financial services industry.​