How to Ease Businesses into Faster Payments

What’s Next In Payments®

The last time PYMNTS spoke with payment processing firm BillingTree, CEO Edz Sturans explained how difficult it is for B2B companies to get on board with faster, digital payments.

“The B2B space has continued to rely heavily on the paper invoice and a net 30-day payment term, which allows for larger balances to float for 30 days or greater,” he said. “This has been a key reason for the slow adoption of electronic payments in the B2B arena.”

Just a few short months later, and BillingTree rolled out Payrazr, an initiative that provides businesses – both B2B and B2C – with a whole host of in-house payment solutions. And, Sturans said at the time, more solutions would be rolling out as part of the Payrazr platform over time.

Only days ago, BillingTree announced a new effort to expand and develop the Payrazr suite. That strategy comes in the form of Greg Mallin, who has been tapped by BillingTree to expand the solution across vertical markets.

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