What is a Notification of Change (NOC)?

Notifications of Change (NOCs)— are updates from the consumer’s bank informing us that information on a bank account has changed. For example, if a bank merged with another and the account number is modified by the new bank, the NOC will provide information on the old account number and the new account number that should be used going forward.

How do you know if you are receiving NOCs?

BillingTree reports returns and corrections daily and posts data to the ACH Gateway.

There are two ways to view the data:

Transaction Overview

From the home page, look for the Transaction Overview box on the right-hand side of the page.  Refer to the “Corrections” field. Corrections that need to be worked will reflect here.


Corrections by Submit Date

From the Reports tab,Corrections by Submit Dateprovides correction history.

  • From the Home page, Click on the “Reports” tab at the top of the page.
  • Use the Drop-Down menu and select “Corrections by Submit Date”. Then click “Proceed”.
  • Choose the date range of the report, click on “Search”.
  • The system will reflect corrections data. (If there are no corrections, the report will be blank.)

How do you work NOCs?

In order to work the correction(s) start by reviewing the reported correction information.

  • Look for the “Ret Des” (Return Description) field. This column provides incorrect data from the original transaction.
  • Look for the “AI” (Addenda Information). This column provides the correct information.
  • Update the stored information in your core system prior to processing the next transaction for the consumer.
  • Once changes are made internally, click on the checkbox next to the correction and click on “Hide” at the bottom of the screen.

Corrections are available in the “Corrections by Submit Date” report, even if the correction has been hidden.

How often should you work NOCs?

Just like ACH returns, NOCS should be worked daily.

Are their fees associated with NOCs?

The NOCs share the same fee as your current return fee. However, by utilizing your NOC report, you can avoid both future NOCs and their corresponding fees.

According to the NACHA Operating Rules & Guidelines, if NOCs are ignored a rules violation may be issued. Fines for these infractions vary from $1,000-$100,000.

Who do you call if you have more questions?

Our Client Services representatives are available to help! You can reach BillingTree’s Client Service team via phone at (877) 243-9724 or via email at support@mybillingtree.com.

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