Omni-Channel Payment Solutions

What are omni-channel payment solutions? Think about how payment portals, IVR phone systems, mobile platforms, and more can help you collect payments efficiently. Offer your customers a wide selection of payment methods such as:

  • Payment portals for web payments
  • Interactive Voice Response(IVR) payment solutions for self-service phone payments
  • Virtual terminals for card-not-present payment acceptance
  • Virtual agents for automated debt negotiations
  • Mobile payment solutions for people who prefer to use their mobile device
  • Online billing for electronic bill presentment

What to look for in an omni-channel payment processor

  • Flexibility and uptime. When you rely on agents answering the phones, at the end of the day when the office closes, you are also stopping your cash flow. You want payment processing that gives your customers 24 hours a day flexibility and uptime to make payments. No matter the hour or day of week, omni-channel payment solutions let customers make payments when and where it is convenient for them.
  • Security and compliance. When your collection agency is processing payments from cards, web portals, mobile devices, or any other system, you need to assure that hackers cannot break into the entire system. BillingTree offers payment processing that is highly secure and PCI DSS and HIPAA compliant.
  • Customer support. Great customer support is vital to keep your business running. You get an omni-channel payment processor that has people available at all times to answer questions specific to your account. Great support also includes answering questions for people from whom we collect payments. Making is easy for customers to make payments is the best customer support.

BillingTree can help you with omni-channel payment solutions

BillingTree’s Payrazr Portfolio offers industry-leading payment solutions, proven integration, and point-and-click simplicity. You get:

  • Payment portals for web payments
  • IVR payment solutions for self-service phone payments
  • Virtual terminals for Card Not Present payment acceptance
  • Payment gateways for reliable payment processing
  • Virtual agents for automated negotiations
  • Online billing for electronic bill presentment
  • Mobile solutions to accept payments on the go

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