Car-Ware Inc. was founded on the principal that good software, using up-to-date technology, should not cost a fortune.

The founders of Car-Ware have worked in the automotive DMS and banking industry for more than 15 years. Car-Ware inc. was started in January 2008 and since that time we have integrations with several strategic partners in the industry.

Car-Ware Inc. provides Dealer Management solutions for the automobile industry. Our in-house team of .NET developers creates automotive DMS software with strong expertise in: .NET Development (C# .NET, ASP.NET, .NET 2.0-3.0-3.5-4.0), SQL Server, XML, Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

Because our system is based on Microsoft’s .NET technology, the application is built using proven design patterns and best practices, providing us an extreme level of flexibility and code reuse. This design gives us the ability to meet the constant market changes and demands quickly and easily by simply plugging new functionality into the existing application base. This technology also enables us to customize any installation so we can meet the unique demands of your particular business through an easy configuration utility.