Debit Card Only (DCO) Payment Processing

Debit Card Only (DCO) payment processing is a great fit for organizations that are unable to accept credit cards, but still need to receive payments.

The Debit Card Only option offers debit card processing using the same networks, with the same super-fast speed as credit and charge card processing.

The only difference is that payment is made with a bank-issued debit card, not a traditional credit card.

Debit Card Only Processing with BillingTree

What payment channels are available for Debit Card Only processing? 

With the BillingTree DCO processing solutions, you can accept payments via debit card through a secure web-based portal. In addition, a phone-based system can be used either through automated IVR or an agent-assisted process.

  • Debit Card Only is ideal for industries and organizations that are not able to accept credit cards
  • The same networks that process credit cards are used to process Debit Card Only, for speed and efficiency
  • The BillingTree technology platform filters out certain MIDs to make sure debit cards are the only payment method accepted
  • Debit Cards are one of the fastest payment methods preferred by consumers
  • Integrates with many of the leading technologies already used by the healthcare, financial services and accounts receivable management (ARM) industries

Why Consider Debit Card Only Payment Processing? Fewer Chargebacks

Your risk with debit only payments is much lower, which means you also lower the percentage of chargebacks and that hassle that comes with them.


Debit cards are inherently more secure than credit cards and less likely than cash to be stolen.

More Revenue

Card methods are the preferred method among consumers. If your business is still in the stone age of cash and check, then you’re probably losing a lot of customers that prefer debit card payments.

Reduced Risk

With debit card payments, you reduce the risk of non-sufficient funds that can happen with paper or electronic checks. BillingTree provides a real-time authorization for the payment.


Debit card processing is the perfect way for your business to provide a popular payment option to consumers and protect your business from risk.

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