Phone & IVR Payment Processing

Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, is a hosted, agent-less telephone payment system that is available 24/7. This convenient and flexible payment channel can be used for paying invoices and bills using simple voice commands. IVR can accept payments from tenants paying rent, patients paying medical bills, credit union members making auto finance payments and much more.

How does IVR Payment Processing work?

An IVR payment gateway can be accessed via a toll-free number or can be routed from any existing telephone system. When callers are connected to the IVR gateway, they are presented with pre-recorded call flows and messages, easily routing them to complete payments seamlessly. Using touch-tone prompts, callers can validate their accounts and remit payment in a simple and frictionless manner.

How is BillingTree Different?

There are a multitude of companies out there that process IVR payments. But not all payment processors are the same. For example, BillingTree offers the following advantages:

  • IVR payments allow consumers to make payments in a non-intrusive way, 24-hours-a-day
  • Customers can make payments without speaking to an agent, saving labor costs and providing payors with the ultimate in convenience
  • Custom-branded IVR systems maintain your brand consistency
  • BillingTree IVR platforms are fully compliant with PCI, NACHA and HIPAA for security and risk mitigation
  • IVR systems allow consumers to make payments after hours for convenience and increased revenue opportunity