Point of Sale (POS) Payment Processing

BillingTree prides itself on being an omni-channel payment provider, ‘card-present’ environments with a point of sale device is a given.

Utilizing a payment processing device to accept payments provides consumers with a familiar and convenient method.

POS Payment Processing with BillingTree?

For our customers, point of sale (POS) payment processing is perfect for health care facilities that want to accept payments in a gift shop or pharmacy. In addition, property management companies who desire to accept rent and incidental payments will benefit tremendously from a point of sale payment terminal. Finally, credit unions and community banks can make payment acceptance convenient and easy with payment devices.

Get to the Point with Easy Payment Acceptance

Looking to accept in-person payments for your healthcare, property management, financial services or telecommunications company? Request a demo right now and explore the possibilities of our point of sale system.

There are some very significant advantages to choosing BillingTree as your credit and debit card processor. Here are a few good reasons:

  • With more than $4 Billion in payments successfully processed in 2018, BillingTree is an expert in high-volume processing and we are Level 1 PCI compliant
  • We’re not only compliant, we have an entire compliance department, and we own our compliance, unlike many resellers
  • BillingTree offers banking redundancy, which assures clients have multiple options for processing
  • Online automated card acceptance saves costs by reducing staffing requirements
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex fees are inevitable. Our proprietary technology gets you the best rates
  • There’s no bait and switch with BillingTree. The rates quoted are our rates. We don’t hook you in with low card present transaction fees and then jack up our rates for online transactions for example

Fast & Secure POS Systems (Point of Sale)

BillingTree’s POS payment processing system is ideal for businesses seeking secure and efficient credit card authorization at the point of sale.

Benefits of using a POS System

  • Authorize credit cards, debit cards, and checks almost instantly
  • Choose POS software equipment that fits the needs of your business
  • Better security with PCI-compliant processing

PCI Security 

Securing your business’s sensitive data and your customer’s credit card information is crucial to reducing the risk of credit card fraud. BillingTrees’s credit card POS payment processing complies with PCI security standards, which means your business can reliably secure customer data without worry.


If you’re looking to expand your audience, then give customers one of the most widely used forms of payment processing, POS. Point of Sale payment processing is a fast and secure way to get paid.

Learn more about BillingTree’s powerful POS payment processing system today.