Text and SMS payments

BillingTree’s Text / SMS payment processing solution allows your customers to pay with one of the most ubiquitous channels available today, text message.

Text messaging payments, or SMS, is available on the CareView or Payrazr platform, or even as a stand-alone service.

It empowers customers to set up a digital wallet and make payments by simply texting the last four digits of their mobile phone numbers to a provided number.

SMS Payment Processing with BillingTree

Benefits of Text Payments

  • Text payments have achieved an 80% response rate from consumers looking to make payments
  • 81% of consumers own a smartphone, putting text payments right at their fingertips
  • The BillingTree text payments platform is not a notification system. It is a full-fledged payment channel where consumers can make verified payments
  • Providing more payment channels, such as SMS, will make customers more likely to make payments more often
  • Customers opt in to using text messages as a payment channel, so all they have to do is reply to a request to simply make a payment


Unlike other providers that use SMS to simply notify consumers of a payment, The BillingTree 2-Way Text platform allows secure and compliant payments to be made with the tap of a mobile device.

What are SMS payments?

Text / SMS payment processing allows consumers to pay for products, services, and goods through text messages via their mobile phones.

Just like a standard text, the SMS payment system, purchasers send a text to pay for an item or service. This text is sent to mobile payment providers, like BillingTree’s 2-Way Text Pay. The transaction is then cleared between the provider and the vendor.

The cost of the purchase is usually added to the monthly phone bill or deducted from a prepaid balance by the mobile phone operator.

Text payments allow for a secure, simple, and quick way for your customers to pay, send deposits, and even remittances.


Many businesses are using SMS payment processing to make life easier for their customers. Using text payments, people can buy products and services while traveling abroad, all without hassle.


If you’re looking to expand your audience and give your existing customers an easy way to pay, learn more about BillingTree’s powerful SMS payment processing platform today!