Payment Collections: Integrating with Comtronic Systems

Comtronic Systems realized the competitive advantage of updating their payment technology to meet customers’ needs, which is why they signed on with BillingTree’s Payrazr. This suite of payment solutions allows their collection software solution to offer a wide variety of payment options that appeal to a wide range of customers. Payrazr enables Comtronic Systems to gain a competitive edge and to drive revenue through the extensive range of payment solutions offered.

What is Payrazr?

Omnichannel payment technologies like Payrazr let payment collections companies offer the payment options that people need for a variety of reasons, like card payments, ACH payments, and more. Collection software solutions like Comtronic Systems’ Debtmaster offering a wide range of payment methods through Payrazr solutions can boost their bottom line.

Payrazr is the industry’s most comprehensive suite of in-house developed and best-in-class payment technologies. With the Payrazr payments suite, you get a wider scope of payment collection options. This range allows payment collections software to better meet individual consumer needs by providing several payment methods, which ultimately drives more revenue.

Comtronic System Payment Collections with Payrazr

Since Comtronic Systems partnered with BillingTree, Comtronic Systems now offers an integrated, complete, comprehensive, and compliant service. The industry is shifting towards offering a wider range of payment options. Payment collections software solutions like Debtmaster using Payrazr payment suite assure customer satisfaction, which translates into more timely payments.

What do Payrazr solutions include?

Payrazr solutions include:

The comprehensive Payrazr suite offers everything you need to improve your bottom line by eliminating manual processes and automating your payment collections.

The BillingTree difference

BillingTree® is the leading, technology focused payment solutions company providing innovative Accounts Receivables solutions and services that enable organizations to increase efficiency and decrease costs of processing payments while adhering to compliance regulations.

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