Payment Portals Improve Customer Service and Speed Payments

Customers waste hours of their time trying to get the service they deserve.

According to TIME, in 2013, 53% of American consumers reported that they spent 10 to 20 minutes on hold every week, totaling 13 hours per year. Also, 48% of consumers believe that customer service representatives on the phone are not helpful, and 71% said they are “tremendously annoyed” when they cannot get in touch with a live customer service representative.

A long hold time is an experience that sticks with a customer and can have a harmful impact on your business. It may cause you to lose customers and money and may reduce your opportunities for success.

If your customers are still relying on telephone systems and other unreliable methods for making payments, and you want to provide them with an improved experience, you should look into payment portals.

How payment portals improve customer service and speed payments 

Payment portals have easy-to-navigate, user-intuitive interfaces that allow customers to log on and make payments in minutes. These online websites allow customers to set up recurring payments which will automatically deduct from their bank accounts every month.

Regarding customer service, payment portals feature live online agents that are available during standard business hours. If customers would rather make a phone call, payment portals have Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems that allow customers to pay by using their telephone keypads. They can speak to knowledgeable live agents during regular business hours as well if they need additional assistance.

Getting started with payment portals

In today’s world, people expect fast and exceptional customer service. They do not have time to wait on the phone just to pay their bills. As a business owner, you can make your customers’ lives easier by providing a secure payment portal.

Payment portals can transform your business by improving your customer service and payment speed. To learn more, get in touch with BillingTree today. Contact BillingTree or call us at 877-424-5587.

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