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Merchant Services & Underwriting

We at BillingTree look forward to getting your merchant account up and processing payments in only days! This includes a merchant account application approval and underwriting process.

We will be asking for documentation from you and/or the contract signer as well as conducting research from external sources.  The documentation we will require includes: articles of incorporation, at least one executed contingency agreement between you and your client (showing that you are collecting on your client’s behalf), audited financial statement or tax returns, EIN letter from the IRS, and an executed lease agreement.

Merchant account approval is based on a combination of factors assessing overall financial stability, creditworthiness and principled business practices.  Declines are rare, but occasionally conditional approval may require a reserve balance account.

BillingTree provides continuous merchant services to our clients to assist them in maintaining compliance and best practices; your integrity and reputation ensures efficient, compliant and uninterrupted payment processing.  We look forward to working with you to join the many clients BillingTree is proud to serve and represent!


Automated solutions that cost less than
traditional paper payments.


Establishing the appropriate limits on ACH transaction amounts, including confirmation of acceptable business practices and offerings. Trusted and comprehensive banking network utilized to open merchant accounts for our customers.  BillingTree also insures the legitimacy of our client’s business practices upfront, and probable volumes to extend the most competitive rates.



Learn how BillingTree can improve your bottom line by eliminating manual processes and automating payment cycles.