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As today’s modern technology advances at a quick pace and Internet services progress, consumers demand more cutting-edge versatility and flexibility in the way that they can make payments for products and services. Customers are no longer satisfied with writing out a paper check every time they want to make a purchase or paying in cash or in person. Now, they want the convenience of using their everyday credit or debit card to pay their bills. Payment portals represent the ideal solution for businesses of all types and sizes. The portals bring the businesses into line with the modern online era and help to facilitate payments for the benefit of both themselves and their customers.


Why Use a Payment Portal?

Any business owner will be aware that when customers fail to pay their bills on time, their profits and company will be negatively affected. However, payment portals, such as BillingTree’s Payrazr portal, offer a seamlessly integrated solution that will not only facilitate customer payments but will help to expand their business as well.


Containing the brand’s logo and marketing materials, these payment portals enable customers to make their payments at a time and place that is suited their schedule. They also offer companies the benefit of receiving their payments on time while also helping to promote and build their brand. Since customers can access the payment portal 24/7 and use any type of payment, including eChecks, ACH and credit and debit cards, they offer the ideal way to improve customer relations while helping businesses to maximize and speed up the receipt of their revenue.


The Benefits of The Payment Portal

With a payment portal, not only are companies more likely to receive their payments on time, they can also keep their customer accounts, payment history, and invoices in one convenient and easy-to-access location, allowing for easy tracking and consistent record-keeping.


Since payment portals can be accessed through both desktop and mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets, they offer customers even greater flexibility. Customers can make their payments from work, from home, or even while riding the bus. Anything is possible.


As the Payrazr payment portals are HIPAA, SSAE-16 and PCI certified, the payments processed in this way are secure and well-protected for both the company’s and the customers’ peace of mind, and since payments are received and confirmed in real time, consumers can have confidence that their payment has been processed.


For companies, the benefits of the payment portal not only include the increase in their profits from more efficient customer payments, but also the savings that they can make on processing paper checks. Since all payments are processed through reliable banking networks, processing fees are extremely competitive, helping to reduce a company’s costs.


Intuitive online payment portals are becoming essential for survival in this digital age of payments. There is no more convenient or simple way to increase your revenue and to boost client satisfaction for better customer retention, than that of adding a secure & convenient payment option for consumers in the form of an online payment portal.



Learn how BillingTree can improve your bottom line by eliminating manual processes and automating payment cycles.



  • Proven performance within financial services collections
  • Comprehensive payment solutions: Accept multiple forms of payments
  • Payments are processed 24/7 through online and mobile platforms
  • Payments authorized in real-time
  • Centralized reporting
  • PCI, SSAE-16, HIPAA, SOC 1 & 2 Certified
  • Flexible Merchant Service Capability
  • Payment flexibility increases member and customer retention


  • Credit, Debit, HSA, FSA, ACH, Check 21


  • In-house integration services team to deploy APIs into your systems
  • Full QA and functionality testing
  • 24/7 service and support
  • Deployed thousands of times


  • Extensive partnerships with leading payment solution providers, combined with our in-house technology development team, ensures a comprehensive suite of Services & Solutions

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Learn how BillingTree can improve your bottom line by eliminating manual processes and automating payment cycles.