CareView Improves the Patient Experience

Innovative payment solution for healthcare patient payments

From on-site POS payments, to phone or mobile payments, all the way to complicated post-care patient payment plans…CareView provides an easy to use platform that vastly improves the overall patient experience.

An improved patient experience has proven to yield faster payments on outstanding balances, along with more payments.

In addition to improving your revenue cycle, our goal is to provide you with payment alternatives that also decrease your costs and provide a completely secure and reliable experience for both providers and patients.

This helps you keep more of your receivables while contributing to an enhanced patient experience.

Why BillingTree?

BillingTree has more than 15 years in the payments technology industry. In addition, there are more than 125 team members in two locations across the US.

With more than $4 Billion in payments successfully processed by BillingTree per year, the company offers a proven payment platform for a variety of industries.

How We Can Help

Healthcare payment options have not changed much in the last 20 years. But now with Careview by BillingTree, you can offer your patients various payment methods that fit their needs and lifestyles, such as 2-Way Text payments to convenient online payment portals and payment plans. And by improving the payment experience, you will enhance the overall patient experience.

Improve the Patient Experience with CareView

CareView products provide your practice with a competitive advantage by offering your patients an omni-channel payment experience that has proven to increase overall payments and improve the patient experience.

Web & Online Portals

Phone & IVR Payments

Text Payments

Credit & Debit

Point of Sale