Payrazr Payment Gateway

What is a Payment Gateway?

Simply put, payment gateways are the technology that transfers payment from each customer’s account to your account. It’s the first step you need to take to begin accepting credit cards, debit cards & ACH payments online or on a mobile device.

Better yet, the Payrazr gateway also includes advanced reporting and flexibility for you, while also providing a seamless, user-friendly payment experience for your customers.

Why BillingTree?

BillingTree has more than 15 years in the payments technology industry. In addition, there are more than 125 team members in two locations across the US.

With more than $4 Billion in payments successfully processed by BillingTree per year, the company offers a proven payment platform for a variety of industries.

How We Can Help

Today’s typical payment customer is always on the go and in constant need of products that tie directly into their daily lives.

From 2-Way text payments to quick and easy web payment portals, the entire suite of Payrazr products were designed to immediately increase our customers’ payment acceptance by making the entire payment experience as seamless as possible.

Get Paid Faster with Payrazr Products

Payrazr products provide your business with a competitive advantage by offering your customers an omni-channel payment experience that has proven to increase overall payments.

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