Proven Leader in Card Services for Credit Unions

When it comes to giving members the key financial services they require, credit unions must offer variety, security, and impressive support, and BillingTree’s card services for credit unions are the perfect solution to meeting those needs. BillingTree offers customizable and unique payment processing solutions designed to meet the needs of credit unions. The solutions also help to strengthen and enhance an institution’s relationship with its members for a more positive user experience all around.

Offering Versatility and Choice

BillingTree’s payment processing suite, which has been specially designed for credit unions, covers a wide range of payment methods. These guarantee complete adaptability for financial institutions regardless of their size. Any type of payment can be accepted because our processing solutions allow both traditional methods, such as paying and receiving bills through the mail, by telephone or in person, and more contemporary options, such as mobile payments and paperless online billing, to be conducted through the credit union’s website. By accepting a broad spectrum of credit and debit cards and bank transfers, BillingTree ensures that customers and members can use their preferred payment method from the comfort of their own home, and receive confirmation in real time.

The Benefits of BillingTree’s Card Services for Credit Unions

By choosing BillingTree’s card services for credit unions, there are a number of benefits that both the credit unions and their members can enjoy. Some of these advantages include:

  • Multiple payment methods being accepted for greater convenience of members
  • 24/7 access to the payment interface via PC or mobile platforms for faster payment collection.
  • Centralized reporting system for improved record-keeping
  • Stronger and more positive relationships with customers and members

Fully Centralized Reporting

The modern world is increasingly moving towards paperless systems for increased convenience and to have a lower environmental impact. However, while paperless systems offer numerous benefits for credit unions, those that lack the appropriate tools to manage all of the information and data that a paperless system can generate often find that 21st-century reporting can become problematic. BillingTree’s credit card services for credit unions offer an effective and efficient solution thanks to their ability to tackle a wide variety of data reporting tasks, thus replacing the need for paper records with a conveniently centralized system. This enables credit unions to see payments at a glance and to have all of the essential information that they need at their fingertips without the need to check multiple files for details.

Member Peace of Mind

Improving and enhancing relationships with members is a key part of running a successful credit union. There is no easier or more effective way to achieve this than by ensuring customer satisfaction at the point of use. By adopting BillingTree’s convenient integrated payment solutions, financial institutions can offer the versatility and flexibility that members demand.

By offering a wide variety of ways in which loan payments can be made, credit unions can enjoy faster and more regular payment collections. Members can also benefit from the convenience of being able to use their method of choice and have the freedom to be able to make their payment at a time and place that suits them either through the Internet on their PC or their mobile device. As an added bonus, they can also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their payment is secure thanks to PCI compliance. When credit unions help their members to more effectively manage their payment processing requirements, they can help them to achieve greater financial success, serving them more efficiently and to a higher standard.

BillingTree’s card services for credit unions represent the future of online payments for financial institutions of all sizes and are an easy-to-implement way of enhancing positive member relationships.