Providing Affordable B2B Payments Solutions

While paper checks and cash were once the accepted option for B2B payments, these days, with the advent of the digital age, a need has developed for a more modern solution. Here at BillingTree, we have devised a way for businesses to make affordable B2B payments more quickly, more effectively and, most importantly, more cost-effectively.

The increase in the use of credit cards means that adopting electronic B2B payments is the most sensible option for any company wanting to avoid being put at a disadvantage in today’s crowded marketplace. By facilitating the use of today’s most popular forms of payment in a convenient online way, BillingTree’s payment portals are the perfect solution for any company that wants to maximize its revenue.

The Problems Associated with The B2B Payments Process

The B2B payment process is very complex. And, when it comes to transactions between buyers and suppliers, it can be cumbersome, with a complicated invoicing procedure resulting in long waits for payment, the involvement of multiple platforms and banks, and, potentially, a considerable amount of chasing down payments through e-mails and phone calls. The time wasted on these activities take staff members away from the key work of running the company. This is especially problematic for small businesses without a dedicated finance department. However, while manual solutions are expensive, unsafe, and problematic, BillingTree’s affordable B2B payments options allow merchants of all types and sizes to adopt a modern and efficient system that releases employees from onerous finance-related tasks, speeds up the payment process, increases security and, above all, reduces costs.

BillingTree’s PayRazr Gateways

Offering all the flexibility and integration necessary for businesses to succeed and thrive in the modern economic environment, BillingTree’s Payrazr Gateways are the ultimate solution for affordable B2B payments. As an intuitive and innovative integrated payment processing system for credit and debit cards, our gateways are the perfect fit for the needs of your business. Created through the leverage of our expertise and knowledge, we have combined the latest technological advances with our decade of experience in compliance and payment processing to help you to improve your business’ bottom line. We eliminate manual reporting and implement automated billing cycles for extra convenience and facilitation.

Full Compliance

BillingTree’s affordable B2B payments solutions offer a unique blend of usability and performance, with a dynamic code base that can easily be adapted and enhanced in the future to accommodate new technologies and developments. Businesses can also be confident that our products are fully QA and functionality tested for optimal operation and are fully HIPAA, SSAE-16, and PCI certified for complete peace of mind.

Quality User Interface

BillingTree’s Payrazr Gateways offer a high-quality user-friendly interface and offer a flexible and efficient approach to making affordable B2B payments. Enabling businesses to seamlessly integrate the software with their own existing systems, they allow an entirely unified approach. Centralized reporting is another added advantage of the gateway, allowing businesses to keep more accurate and efficient records, to handle billing cycles more effectively, and to automate the process to reduce the time and effort taken to deal with invoicing manually.

The Flexible Option

Eliminating the issues of lost and delayed payments in the form of cash or checks, BillingTree’s affordable B2B payments solution is incredibly flexible, allowing payments to be made at any time of the day or night and from any form of Internet-enabled device. Accepting all forms of payment capture, businesses can receive payments via ACH, credit or debit card, thus guaranteeing a secure and speedy method of receiving monies owed. With real-time money transfers and instant acknowledgment of payment receipt, businesses will find it easier than ever to stay on top of payments received.

The Benefit of Experience

BillingTree is highly experienced in the provision of payment services and offers the benefit of that skill to its B2B clients. The high-quality U.S.-based customer service team is on hand to address any issues and to offer full support whenever required. You can be confident that your affordable B2B payments solutions will be backed by many years of expertise.

The Benefits of Electronic B2B Payments

When a business accepts electronic B2B payments, they will not only boost the business’ cash flow and sales, they will also ensure that the business is more likely to receive its payments in a timely manner. The benefits of BillingTree’s payment solutions for business-to-business transactions include:

    • Eliminating the possibility of lost and delayed payments.
    • Highly secured method means no opportunities for theft.
    • Cost-effective because of elimination of check-processing costs.
    • Reliable and rapid – real-time transfer of funds for faster payment.
    • Convenience and flexibility -a variety of payment methods available.
    • 24/7 accessibility to a payment portal.
    • Full PCI compliance



Choosing BillingTree’s affordable B2B payments solutions will improve your bottom line and will allow your business to grow and thrive more quickly and efficiently.