Putting in Place an Effective Receivables Management Solution

Receivables management is becoming an increasing problem, with a consistent collection of amounts owed being, it is essential to ensuring regular revenue and ongoing cash flow. Without an effective system in place, cash flow cannot be maintained, and companies end up in financial difficulties.

BillingTree’s accounts receivable management solutions have been designed with the needs of companies of all sizes in mind. Making it easier to stay on top of outstanding and past due payments, these high-quality, innovative systems make it easier for companies to handle outstanding amounts and for consumers to be able to make payments in the way that best suits them.

Convenient Methods of Collection

BillingTree has devised a system that allows for consumers to make payments owed in a number of convenient and simple ways. Evidence has shown that the easier it is for consumers to make payments, the more quickly they will pay, and the faster companies will receive the outstanding amounts. By putting in place an accounts receivables management system that enables consumers to pay using their preferred method, whether it is a credit or debit card, a standard paper check or an ACH payment, companies can be confident that their customers will find it simpler to make payments and, therefore, they will be more likely to pay on time and in full. BillingTree’s solutions make sure that consumers are able to not only make a payment through their preferred payment method but also to make a payment at the time and place of their choosing. Thanks to the online payment portal, customers are able to access the system at any time of the day or night to make payment at the time that best suits their schedule. They can also access the system from the device of their choice and can even make a payment over the telephone through the IVR system for even greater flexibility and convenience.

State-of-the-Art Technology

BillingTree has harnessed the latest cutting-edge payment technology for its accounts receivable management systems, so companies can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they have invested in a future-proof payment solution. Using innovative software, BillingTree’s ARM solutions have had proven performance in the industry and have been successfully deployed thousands of times.

Automation for Greater Convenience

Companies have more to focus on than chasing after customers for outstanding amounts. That is one of the reasons why adopting a cutting-edge accounts receivables management solution is so important. By facilitating collections through the automation of routine tasks, companies and their employees are freed up to concentrate on more business-centered tasks and do not have to spend excessive time and effort on handling payments and following up on past due amounts. Not only does automation of the process make handling cash flow easier, it will also guarantee speedier receipt of money for healthier finances and a more successful approach to business.

Cost-effective Solutions

It could not be more important for companies to keep costs down, especially in today’s business world where financial margins are increasingly tight. BillingTree’s accounts receivable management solutions are the ideal way to cut the costs of processing payments. Its established network of banks ensures that costs are lower based on volume. Saving money is vital, and this is a convenient way for companies to maximize their revenue while also limiting the amount they spend on payment processing.

Full Compliance Assured

Remaining compliant with all of the current regulations is another vital aspect of payment collections. And, when it comes to handling accounts receivables management, this is a key element to bear in mind. BillingTree’s solutions are all HIPAA-, PCI- and SSAE-16-certified, so companies can rest assured that they are meeting all of their compliance requirements.

Smoothing Customer Relationships

Maintaining positive customer relationships is very important for companies, especially in a competitive business marketplace. However, one of the best ways to do this is to facilitate the convenience of making payments for a smoother system that meets the needs of consumers. A positive payment experience guarantees that customers have a good impression of a company and this makes repeat customers more likely. Because BillingTree’s ARM solutions are also fully integrated into existing systems, it is possible to maintain a completely professional overview of the company’s brand, with a seamless integration of branding and logos for a greater consistency of customer experience.

Handling accounts receivable management may not be easy. However, the financial success of a company depends on the efficiency of the system. Therefore, employing an effective, affordable, and innovative solution is the best way to guarantee consistency of payments and regularity of cash flow while also helping to foster a positive impression of the company. BillingTree’s solutions are the cutting-edge answer to any company’s cash flow problems, making receivables management easier to cope with for a more profitable approach.