Customer Stories

We love partnering up with our customers to help them grow their payment processing, and ultimately drive more success for their organizations. Listen to what some of them are saying about their own personal experiences with BillingTree.

Michelle Camp - COO

“BillingTree saves us substantial amounts of time with their direct integration into our core software platform… and we all know, time = money!”

Steve Roberto - Collections Executive

“BillingTree is a great company that we’ve worked with for almost ten years now. Their services & products have always proven to be easy-to-use, secure and most importantly, we’ve never had any problems or issues with them to date.”

Marian Sangalang - Vice President

“Your staff is both knowledgeable & experienced in payments, which is the best testimonial a customer can provide in my opinion. They understand our particular industry needs, and bottom line, BillingTree just knows how it WORKS!”

Corrie Rozell - COO

“The staff is quick and responsive. BillingTree is very easy to work with, and continues to provide us with great solutions for any payment needs or requests we bring to them.”