Security Certification

BillingTree understands that our customers are subject to varying regulatory compliance and security obligations. In order to effectively meet our customers’ needs, BillingTree’s compliance group has created a security, governance and risk management framework of policies, procedures and standards that draws on many areas.

Reports and Accreditations
BillingTree’s compliance team obtains independent auditor reports and certifications annually. These provide our customers and their auditors the information on the design and operating effectiveness of BillingTree’s operational controls that is likely to be relevant to our customers’ internal control systems. By obtaining these reports, BillingTree saves our customers the time and expense of sending in their own auditors in addition to providing our customers the assurance they need regarding the assets and information within our data centers.

The independent auditor reports or certifications that BillingTree obtains also include: SOC 1 Report.

PCI Compliance

BillingTree provides full PCI compliance that will protect your customers’ sensitive data and ensure you succeed.

HIPAA Compliance

BillingTree is an industry-leading HIPAA compliant payment processing solution.


BillingTree’s security processes and procedures operate at or above the latest industry standards.

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