CareView solutions are highly rated across the healthcare industry for flexibility, integration ease, self-service options, and individualized web services. Designed with a sharp focus on security and a deep understanding of revenue cycle complexities, our solutions strengthen HIPAA practices by providing an audit trail of activity, document viewing, and secure email transmissions of information regarding online billing/payments.

Insurer payments are only part of today’s healthcare revenue cycle. In a world of copays and rising deductibles, nearly every healthcare encounter now requires some type of patient payment. That’s why BillingTree’s CareView solutions are designed to ensure that you receive your fair share in a process that’s quick, effective and convenient – for you AND your patients.

CareView PayNow

Provides online patient payments for practices, hospitals, clinics and medical billing companies. CareView PayNow is an entry-level solution that offers convenient Web Quick Pay acceptance of credit card and eCheck payments/processing.

CareView Total Solution

A patient portal that is a feature-rich, advanced version of PayNow, adding a patient profile component, enabling patient access to view statements, payment history and the option to setup eDelivery of future statements.

CareView Total Solution: POS

Functioning as a virtual cash register, CareView POS is a web-based point-of-service system that processes cash, check and credit card payments and applies them against accounts or purchases.