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BillingTree’s Payrazr Suite of payment solutions supplies the tools and technology that complement payment processes including Payment Portals, Negotiators, Gateways, Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR), and Virtual Terminals – each payment solution featuring an API suite and Mobile Enablement. Additional payment solutions include Document Management and E-Sign offerings.

*New Feature – Account Updater: Reduce missed payments due to expired, cancelled or re-issued cards. The new Payrazr Account Updater feature eliminates an issue that has plagued the payments industry for decades – non payment on an installment or recurring payment plan due to a re-issued or expired credit card on file.  Click the Account Updater button below to request more on this exciting new feature.

Blending best of breed offerings with proprietary, in-house developed payment solutions, Payrazr offers a comprehensive suite of payment solutions to serve most every business’s needs. Payrazr Solutions work best with BillingTree Merchant Account Services, however they can support other processors as well.

With an API suite, Payrazr Solutions easily integrate into existing software platforms, quickly extending payment functionality and adding new features with minimal effort.

Payrazr Product Suite

Payrazr® is an independent software platform supporting a complete portfolio of payment solutions offering customers a competitive advantage through simplification of the billing and receivables process. Our software-as-a-service offering (SaaS) delivers industry-leading technology such as:

Payment Gateways

Payrazr® Gateway offers flexibility, integrations and reporting, giving you the most up-to-date technology to succeed in today’s economy.

Virtual Terminals

Payrazr® VT is an easy-to-use, secure and verifiably compliant payment solution where transactions can be done quickly and safely.

Web Portals

Payrazr® Portal, myPayrazr® Portal+, and myPayrazr® Portal SLR are intuitive online payment portals used to securely accept all types of web-based payments.

Phone & IVR

Payrazr® IVR is a PCI-compliant platform that can accept payments any time providing an optimized user experience.

Debt Negotiation Tools

Consumers can easily and securely self-cure 24/7 in a fully PCI-compliant data environment that lets them submit payments, make promises, or enroll in payment plans. Results have proven this solution to be an effective tool for contacting low-balance, early-out, and hard-to-reach consumers.

Online Billing

BillingTree partners with the leaders in online billing to offer Payrazr online billing. Partners provide customers with Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP), online billing solutions that deliver an enhanced customer experience, rapid reduction in operational costs, and quicker payments.

Mobile Payments

BillingTree’s Payrazr mobile payment solution provides you the tools and technologies to extend the relationship you’ve established with today’s digital consumer throughout the life of the experience, including payments and ongoing targeted marketing.

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