Phone & IVR Payment Solutions

BillingTree offers secure phone and IVR payment options that are effective and simple solutions to receiving payments on time and in full.

Our Interactive Voice Response solution is a hosted, agent-less telephone payment system that is available for consumers to access 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a convenient and flexible solution to paying invoices and bills. Suitable for use by all kinds of organizations, from property management companies to medical practices as part of their health care collections system, BillingTree’s secure IVR payment options facilitate ease of payment and maximize the amount of money that can be collected in a timely manner.

BillingTree’s IVR payment gateway can be accessed via a toll-free number or can be routed from your existing telephone system. Upon arrival at the IVR gateway, callers are presented with pre-recorded call flows and scripts, some of which are custom recorded and others pre-built for optimum usability, speed to market, and corporate-brand continuity. Capturing IVR payments is simplified via touch-tone prompts and account-data validation.

myPayrazr IVR

myPayrazr® IVR product is an efficient payment processing solution that increases automation and lowers overall customer service costs while protecting sensitive data.

myPayrazr IVR allows companies to accept credit card and ACH/eCheck payments while reducing the cost of after-hour support services and improving the overall payment experience for customers. Customers can securely make payments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via a touchtone phone.

Providing an optimized user experience using Voice XML technologies, myPayrazr IVR allows the flexibility to create a call script that gives a unique customer experience that can be optimized for ensuring payments are received.

myPayrazr IVR is PCI DSS Level-1 certified, employs Tier 1 redundant telecom infrastructure and houses data in secure, geographically disperse Class A data centers. With its secure infrastructure and high uptime scalability, myPayrazr IVR is capable of processing billions of calls and can scale at will.

myPayrazr IVR is fully integrated with the BillingTree’s processing platform for payments. Designed to provide any payment channel for your customers, BillingTree offers the most comprehensive payment services to meet your business and customer needs.

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