XprsPay solutions provide online payment services to a host of commercial industries and businesses, including healthcare providers and services, treasury departments, insurance companies, wholesalers, and more. Advanced eBilling procedures will provide a wide range of benefits and tools to organizations of all sizes in any industry.


  • Immediate cash savings on postage, paper and envelopes
  • Automatically posted payments, alleviate the worry and stress
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Email reminders to payees for timely payments
  • Reduced DSO – leading to better cash flow reporting
XprsPay PayNow Service

An affordable, entry-level online payment service featuring Web PayNow for customers and a virtual terminal to accept credit card and eCheck payments over the phone or at point-of-service.

XprsPay B2B

An advanced online payment service featuring an electronic billing platform to facilitate the delivery, viewing and payment of invoices between business partners.


XprsPay B2C

An advanced online payment service featuring Enrollment and PayNow portal access for customer payments, paperless eBill delivery and robust management reporting to help businesses manage consumer based billing.