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I ran an ACH payment today in error. Can the payment be stopped?

Yes. Since ACH payments are NOT real-time, the payment can be stopped (as long as it is caught before 6 PM EST on the date of entry).

Can I process a credit to someone's card? How do I issue the credit?

Yes, you can process a credit to a card using the BillingTree gateway, however, you cannot issue credit to a card that has not been previously charged.

I ran a card today in error. Can the payment be stopped?

No. Since card payments are real-time, the payment cannot be stopped. It can, however, be voided.

I am trying to run a card and it is declining. Can I see why?

Yes, in the card gateway directly (CC-Payrazr, CC-Legacy) there is a report available to show you what is declining and why.

Is there a way to tell if an ACH item returned?

Yes. In the ACH gateway directly (ACHNow) there are reports available to you to show what has returned.

What is Revenue Cycle Management in Healthcare?

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What is Accounts Receivable in Healthcare?

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What Are Payment Systems in Healthcare?

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What Are Healthcare Accounts Receivable?

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How to Fix Accounts Receivable for Healthcare?

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