Customer Support & Frequently Asked Questions

For immediate support with BillingTree solutions, please contact us by phone at 877-243-9724 or email [email protected] to open a ticket.

For immediate support with iPayX solutions (CareView, XPrsPay), please contact us by phone at 800-530-7004 or email [email protected].

A: Yes, VISA lists our latest PCI Compliance information within their Global Registry of Service Providers. To view VISA’s Global Registry of Service Providers, CLICK HERE.

A: As it pertains to gateways:

  • We DO NOT transfer ownership of BT created, managed and supported accounts to other processors or vendors.
  • We DO NOT transfer ownership of gateway accounts including those on USAEPAY,, Payrazr or any other gateway.

A: CLICK HERE and upon validation of your current customer status you will receive an email back within 3 business days.

A: Yes. Since ACH payments are NOT real-time, the payment can be stopped (as long as it is caught before 6PM EST on the date of entry).

A: Yes, you can process a credit to a card using the BillingTree gateway, however, you cannot issue credit to a card that has not been previously charged.

A: No. Since card payments are real-time, the payment cannot be stopped. It can, however, be voided.

A: Yes, in the card gateway directly (CC-Payrazr, CC-Legacy) there is a report available to show you what is declining and why.

A: Yes. In the ACH gateway directly (ACHNow) there are reports available to you to show what has returned.