The Importance Of Effective ARM Collection Solutions In Improving Business Success

Consumer debt is on the rise across the United States, and regardless of industry, companies are finding it more and more difficult to elicit payments from the buyers and users of their goods and services. It’s no wonder, then, that so many business owners are now turning to one of the country’s many collections agencies to find ways of extracting payments from unwilling customers and clients. Expediting the collection process is essential for all debt collection agencies in the modern world. Whether focusing on the healthcare or commercial sector, agencies must harness the most innovative technology to get ahead of the game. The need for effective ARM collection solutions is paramount to maximize the rate of collection success. So, how can a better ARM system improve revenue flow and streamline processes?

Convenient Payment Acceptance

Perhaps the most important element of improving any ARM collection program is to put in place a process that enables debtors to make payments in a way that suits their requirements. That means facilitating 24/7 access to online portals or automated telephone lines and offering sufficient options with regard to payment methods to meet the needs of all kinds of people who have different preferences and circumstances. The best ARM collection solutions offer a convenient portal that allows continuous access throughout the day and night, all year-round, and allows payments via ACH payment, credit card or debit card for added convenience.

Integrated Solutions

When choosing an ARM collection system to meet the needs of any agency, finding one that integrates seamlessly with existing software is essential, not only for the sake of convenience but also for continuity of branding and user experience. There are many popular software packages in use by collections agencies today and finding payment solutions that can be used easily in conjunction with these favorite options make life easier, smoother, and more convenient for everyone.

Full Security And Compliance

Compliance is an increasingly important issue across the collections industry today. And, with ever-changing regulations, staying up to date with the latest requirements can be a challenge. However, with the right choice of ARM collection solutions, all these concerns become a thing of the past since the responsibility for compliance lies with the solution provider. Collection agencies can rest assured that, when they have selected a leading name in the industry, all compliance requirements will be met across the board. And, all security measures will be taken as well to guarantee that transactions are well-protected from cybercrime and hacking.

Outstanding Customer Support

Although customer support may not be the first thought in collection agencies’ minds when choosing the right provider of ARM solutions, it nevertheless has a key role to play. Being able to get help and advice as and when required is paramount. Therefore, choosing a provider that has its support department based in the United States couldn’t be more vital. Also, choosing a provider that has a long history of success within the industry ensures that high quality will be maintained.

Competitive Pricing

While having an effective ARM solution in place is essential, cutting costs is always a high priority, too. That is why choosing the right service provider is important. A leading name in the industry can provide a cost-effective way to process payments and help agencies to save time and money on payment processing for maximum revenue collection.

BillingTree’s Outstanding Solutions

When collections agencies are looking for a provider of ARM solutions that they can depend on, BillingTree should be their first port of call. Not only are we a market leader within the collections solutions industry, we have more than a decade of experience and a solid reputation for the quality of our products. We process more than $4 billion worth of payments every year for clients and have a range of impressive payment solutions to serve the needs of companies and organizations of all types and sizes.

Because we also have customer support centers based in the United States, clients can be guaranteed the best possible service as and when they need it. The complimentary training that we offer guarantees users remain on top of the latest innovations and developments. We offer access to a host of compliance tools to ensure that all current regulations and requirements are being met, while our extensive network of banking partners guarantees highly competitive pricing on payment processing. You can depend on our exceptional service, as well as our advanced technology to maximize your revenue collections and to streamline your processes for a more successful approach to ARM.

Choose BillingTree’s ARM collection solutions and benefit from systems that have been specially designed to meet the needs of collections agency clients, and offer a convenient, omnichannel source of payment processing options that will enable your agency to thrive.

A quick and easy way to encourage timely payments for collections is by using online payment methods and portals can help.


Accounts Receivable Management

Finding Reliable Processing for Collection Agencies

For most people in the United States today, debt has become a standard fact of life. Consumer debt currently stands at around $11 trillion when common forms of lending, including car loans, student loans, credit cards, and mortgages are considered.

So, it is no wonder that more debt collection agencies are being opened than ever before to handle the collection of accounts receivable.

Superior Service,
Competitive Pricing

BillingTree offers a suite of services and payment solutions that help you collect electronic payments through credit, debit, checks and ACH processing. Our services ensure safe, secure, competitively priced payment acceptance supported by in-house, top-tier customer service.

  • PCI-DSS, SSAE-16, HIPAA compliant
  • Integrated with the top software solutions
  • Live, US-based customer support including fraud prevention and transaction monitoring
  • Charge-back reduction
  • Competitive pricing delivered by a comprehensive banking network
The website made us quickly realize that people would rather settle outstanding balances online than over the phone”
– Director of Collections
The BillingTree solution has enabled the adoption center to place more animals in homes this year, as people find the process so much easier than it was previously.
– Julie Scherer, Accountant