Pay by Text Overview

Below is a beginners overview of some key steps and suggestions you might want to consider when preparing to implement Pay by Text solutions.

Step 1 – Awareness
People can’t use the service if they don’t know it is available, and that’s not just telling them once. Look at your customer facing ecosystem and make sure you mention the service everywhere.
Website – put a button by your log-in or payments link that says, “Text Alerts” and below that say sign up today for free text alerts and pay your bills by text.

Statements – paper statements and e-statements are great ways to tell customers about the Text service and get them to opt out of those costly mailings. Next to the balance due tell them they can “Pay by Text” and give them a simple web URL to go sign up for the service.

Agents – Give all your phone reps a script that offers the Text billing and payment service. Something simple like “Did you know we can bill you by Text, and you can even pay with a card on file – should I sign you up while we’re on the line today?”

Step 2 – Incentivize
Agents – offer a cash bonus for every new customer they get to sign up for Text notices. It costs you up to $5 for every paper mailing so giving one month’s savings to the people who are getting your customers to adopt is not unreasonable and will create a lot of buzz on the call center floor.

Customers – Self payers who receive paper statements, but pay online, can also be rewarded for ditching the snail mail. Tell them you’ll credit them $5 for opting into Text and out of paper.

Step 3 – Utilize
Welcome – you don’t need to wait for a new bill to get the Text messages rolling. Shoot your customers a quick reminder text as soon as they join telling them “your next statement will be available in XX days and will be sent via Text”

Remind – use the Text to remind customers of an upcoming payment due say for a car payment. This insures they don’t go spend the money before you bill them. Example – “Cindy, your car payment is due next Wed. Feb 13. If you’d like to pay today Text “pay now” or click the link to go to our payment portal”

Alert – Not everyone pays on time, so use the Text messaging to remind customers that are late to pay up quickly to avoid penalty, like disruption or service or possible credit score implications.

Referrals – Ask your customers to tell others about the Text service. Shoot them a text that asks them to “Please let your friends and family know about our free text notice and payment solution. Every text reduces paper waste and helps save our environment”

News – Tell them by Text if your offices will be closed for a holiday or that you’ve been recognized for something important. “We’ll be closed for President’s Day but will reopen Tuesday with our A+ BBB Service”

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