Complimentary Services for our Valued Customers

Transaction Monitoring
BillingTree solutions include transaction monitoring and tokenization. Chargeback and unauthorized return rate management is critical in order to insure a company’s ability to continue accepting electronic payments. BillingTree supplies complimentary transaction monitoring services to all clients keeping a watchful eye on trends that could indicate a potential or forthcoming violation.

By monitoring for subtle increases in these type of activities, BillingTree alerts our clients of the trend and works with them to identify the root cause and resolve.

BillingTree utilizes tokenization as one component of securing payment method and customer account information processed via our gateways

Simply put, Tokenization is the storage of payment card or account information within a secure database outside a merchant’s network for use in re-identifying recurring or return customer payments without needing to represent the card or account information.

PCI Compliance

BillingTree provides full PCI compliance that will protect your customers’ sensitive data and ensure you succeed.

HIPAA Compliance

BillingTree is an industry-leading HIPAA compliant payment processing solution.


BillingTree’s security processes and procedures operate at or above the latest industry standards.